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A Bit About Me


I love singing and dance and the

performing arts. i have practised

for many years, taken classes,

workshops and courses.

I am developing this area, and am 

working towards offering singing and

dance in small venues soon.

I started in musicals and amateur stage

productions at the age of 8 up until 16.

Bugsy Malone, The Sound of Music,

When We are Married.

In adult life, I did a three week full time course in

Screenacting age 22.

I have done public classes in streetdance,

commercial, contemporary at dance colleges.

I did a year's evening classes in Singing for Performance at Music College.

I studied a Post Graduate Certificate in Community Theatre - scriptwriting and physical theatre.

i applied for and was accepted onto the

ma in scriptwriting at the university of birmingham but could not take up the place due to lack of funds at the time.

I have practised privately in music and dance studios over the past 3 years including Small Pond Studios,

brighton (music) and Danceworks in London and others.

I have also studied, practised and worked in multimedia including a BTEC First Diploma in Film Video and Audio Production.

I have a certificate in screenwriting from a

further education college after evening


I am developing my performing arts, in particular singing and dance, and hope to take this to small venues soon.

Work Experience

1999 - One term


Community Theatre - Joint workshop leader

One term part time at a secondary school

Working with students on a script, working on improvisations.

The play was performed for parents at parents evening.

This was a paid post.

Voiceover Artist for a day

And more, coming soon.

Let's Get

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